Good juggling music

Erol Alkan

"A Bugged Out Mix with Erol Alkan" (2005)

Sometimes I like to juggle to music. Techno and hip hop seem to work well because of the infectious rhythms.

I once achieved an altered state of consciousness while juggling and listening to Erol Alkan’s “A Bugged Out Mix with Erol Alkan.”

I also listen to hip hop, including Jay-Z and Eminem.

I’m particularly fond of mash-ups.  To that end, I visit a website that happens to have an expletive in its name, which I will censor for my younger, or more profanity-sensitive readers: f— Here’s a nice, newer entry on the site, for example: Mochi Beats – Forever Impossible (Two Door Cinema Club vs Drake vs Iyaz vs Shontelle)

Other times I listen Chris Colfer’s cover of “Defying Gravity.” Because juggling is all about my relationship to gravity. And you can’t bring me down.

Do you like to listen to music when you’re juggling?

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