Review: Juggling Set from Target

juggling balls

Target juggling set: About the same size as tennis balls.

I bought a Juggling Set today from Target for $2.50. It’s a clear plastic box with three “bean bag” juggling balls — actually polyester fiber packed with glass beads.

The glass beads give the balls a nice weight. The relatively cushy feel makes them easier to catch than tennis balls, but they still feel sturdy. They’re almost the same size as tennis balls, but easier to grip and with more heft.

That should cut down on tricky bounces when you’re learning how to juggle 3 balls.

juggling set

The glass bead filling gives these balls a good heft and enough cushioning. At $2.50, I wish I bought another set.

The balls have red, yellow, blue and green patches. The seem well-sewn and durable — good enough to practice juggling over your bed, but maybe not for juggling over pavement, batting practice or chucking at your friends. The fabric tags on each ball seem like they will be annoying flapping in the air, but I didn’t notice them when I was juggling. If they are a bother, just cut them off.

The very brief juggling instructions included in the set hurt my brain to read and probably would have benefited from a picture. One tip struck me as odd, or unnecessarily detailed. On tossing the third ball: “This move can be difficult. It is often helpful to roll the ball (3) in your right hand to the front of your hand with a slight downward motion of the hand before you throw it.” I guess I do that, but it’s never something I thought about. I think it happens automatically. (Here’s our own guide, a work in progress: How to Juggle 3 Balls)

At $2.50, I wish I bought another set to practice four- and five-ball juggling, too. I still prefer tennis balls, but it’s good to practice with objects that have a variety of weights and feels. It gets you working different muscles in your arms and hands, and can only make you a better juggler.

The Target juggling set was made in China and distributed by Devrian Global Industries LLC in Warren, NJ. DCPI Number: 234-03-0109.

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3 Responses to Review: Juggling Set from Target

  1. John Leffler says:

    I just got a EEBOO juggling balls only 3 of them. practicing 5 juggling.

  2. store was out of the 1.50 juggling balls in Slo,ca by the yo yo section said only ones they sold, went to Walmart they said they don’t got none in Arryo grande, said internet wasn’t a good way to shop for juggling stuff it’s from some other store or something.

  3. couldn’t find any of the 1.50 juggling balls by yo yo section

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