Can animals juggle?

seal contact juggling

A seal contact juggling?

Not according to Juggling With Finesse: The Definitive Book of Juggling by Kit Summers (1987). Juggling is exclusive to humans, according to the book.

That’s not surprising because learning how to juggle 3 balls requires extensive use of the hands and “complex spatial perception and cognitive skills,” Summers writes.

Apparently that’s more than animals can handle. If you count humans as animals, then we haven’t seen animals other than humans perform traditional juggling.

“I am sure that you would get rich if you could teach a monkey to juggle more than 2 objects and perform,” he says. (Please, please don’t get any ideas and try to teach a monkey to juggle. I can’t imagine the monkey would appreciate that.)

With that said, here’s video of an otter “juggling” two rocks:

And this otter is contact juggling with a pebble about 10 seconds in. Mad skills!

And this bear can twirl a stick. Juggling three clubs isn’t far off.

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