Thimblerig Circus interview at Penguin Magic

Chris Beason blogging at Penguin Magic posted a great 15-minute interview with Adam Lowe and Jason Munger, the jugglers of Atlanta-based Thimblerig Circus. Definitely worth a listen.

Some of the many interesting points that come out:

  1. Thimblerig is the name for the shell game.
  2. Drop lines can be comedic gold. “So much gold to be mined there, hilarious-wise.” Some acts work drops into their act.
  3. Work with a better juggler. In their case, they get in some sessions with Todd Key.
  4. Do shows!
  5. They could teach most people how to juggle 3 balls in a half hour, but many people get frustrated after 5 minutes.

On strength training: “When part of your routine is going through a toilet seat you can’t afford to build too much muscle mass. It’s just gonna get in the way of the other parts of your act.”

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