Teaching Mom how to juggle 3 balls, part 2

When we left off with Mom learning how to juggle 3 balls, we were still in the This-Is-Impossible Stage.

A week or two after the first five-minute session, we had our second attempt. We made clear progress. This time we practiced about 10 minutes.

I set the microwave timer at 15 minutes so the practice session would have a definite end to avoid burning out. It seemed to make going into the session a little less daunting. She juggled the bean bags. I juggled tennis balls. We tossed them over a bed to make pick-ups easier. (Not bad advice!)

By the end of this session, she really started to get the two-ball exchange down with a good amount of confidence and consistency. She did a few exchanges starting with the right hand, and some starting with the left hand. It was another dramatic improvement, but there’s still a long way to go. My guess is, after one or two more solid sessions working on the exchange, it will be time to think about introducing the third ball.

Maybe next time we’ll try silk handkerchiefs or plastic shopping bags to see if we can figure out the three ball juggling pattern. It also might be a good change of pace to keep things interesting. Approaching it from a different angle also should help the learning process.

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One Response to Teaching Mom how to juggle 3 balls, part 2

  1. BadCluster says:

    LOL! nice post!
    when I’ve try the first time with the clubs was a disaster!

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