Juggling Drop Lines

What do you say when you drop a ball? Maybe you’ll want to try one of these 22 so-called “drop lines.”

The telekinesis line (No. 5) is my own, as far as I know, but the rest came from various websites. They are not mine. I simply compiled a list of some of my favorite drop lines and changed some of the wording (not to cover my tracks, just to put them as I might say them).

I’m keen on giving credit where credit is due, so if any of these ought to include credits to their originators, please let me know!

  1. Point at the dropped object, say “Stay!” and continue juggling the remaining props.
  2. Continue juggling the remaining props and whistle as if nothing happened.
  3. Pick it back up discreetly and then say: “Whoa, I almost dropped one!”
  4. If it lands close to an audience member, stage whisper: “Quick — before they notice”
  5. Gesture magically, as if to draw the ball toward you with telekinetic (psychokinetic) powers. Concentrate. Buzz. Discreetly gesture to an audience member to have them send the ball your way. Pretend it was your magic powers.
  6. Swear, act frustrated, pull hair, scream, tantrum, turn red, apologize, cradle your head in your hands.
  7. Say “Rats” or “Good grief” or “Bollocks!”
  8. Say, “Balls!”
  9. Catch remaining props and put them down. Pick up dropped prop, hold it near your ear, shake carefully and say, “Just as I thought, it’s broken.”
  10. “Don’t worry! This is part of the act.”
  11. “I’ll just put that down there for a moment to give it a rest. That’s long enough.”
  12. (Long pause. Look of disbelief.) “That’s never happened before.”
  13. “This is why I had to stop juggling kittens.”
  14. “At least I didn’t hit someone this time.”
  15. “I thought we worked this out in rehearsals.” (If you do this a certain way, it’s as if you treat your balls like people.)
  16. Take another ball and say, “Don’t worry! I’ve got another one.”
  17. “Wanna see that again?” Drop another one.
  18. “Gravity! It always works.”
  19. “Please don’t leave yet, I promise I’ll do better.”
  20. Make a gun with your fingers and shoot the dropped ball(s)
  21. “That’s okay, it gives me a chance to show off a trick I call ‘the pickup.’” While still juggling, move next to the dropped ball and lead the audience to anticipate a kick-up. Instead, walk over to a member of the audience and ask, “Would you like to go to go out some time?”
  22. “…Ignore that defective ball ladies and gentlemen…(pull out a new ball and keep on juggling)…”

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